Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sanford and Sin

Last week it was Republican Sen. John Ensign who came clean about his extra-marital affair despite his holier than thou condemnation of Bill Clinton's involvement with Monica Lewinsky and fellow GOP senator and hypocrite Larry Craig for playing footsie in a Minneapolis airport. Now it is the principled South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, who was hailed as a potential presidential candidate in 2012 and the refuser of stimulus funds from the Obama administration because it would compromise deeply held conservative principles, has bitten the dust. But this numbnut took the mea culpa to another level by giving a rambling, disjointed press conference, where he waxed nostalgically about his experiences on the Appalachian Trail, God's divine guidance, and sundry other topics before announcing to the world that he cheated on his wife. If he had a shred of integrity, he would resign his governorship not only for political hypocrisy but for abandoning his state and lying to his staff about his whereabouts.

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