Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Jesse and Al Show

An unfortunate byproduct of Michael Jackson's death is the reemergence of two of the greatest hustlers and ambulance chasers without law degrees of all-time, the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton. The former rushed to L.A. reportedly at the behest of the Jackson family to express their concerns about the circumstances surrounding the death. As is usual with Jesse, many of the points he raises are valid but what is problematic is the messenger - his ego and his motives. The latter, not to be outdone, arrived later in L.A. to pitch his grand idea of a worldwide celebration of the life of the King of Pop. Jackson and Sharpton are not solely to blame for inserting themselves in the middle of matters deemed racial or having racial overtones. For their enablers are the news media who reflexively contact this willing duo who never shy away from microphones and cameras.

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