Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin's Speech

Pardon me but I just cannot go along with the conventional wisdom that Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin hit a home run, scored a touchdown, or whatever tired ass cliche that comes to mind in last night's speech. True, she solidified the base by attacking the elite Washington media and mocking Barack Obama but she didn't put to rest questions about her readiness to assume the presidency in the event of John McCain's incapacity or speak to the issues that Americans are concerned about - the housing crisis, a troubled economy, rising gas prices, health care, etc. As David McGrath points out, Palin's speech shed more light on its speechwriter Matthew Scully than candidate Sarah Palin:
Can voters this year be sure they learned something about the real Sarah Palin from her GOP vice presidential nomination acceptance speech last night, considering news that it was originally written by speechwriter Matthew Scully over a week ago for an unknown male nominee? The commissioned draft was subsequently customized by Palin and a team of McCain staffers in the 48 hours leading up to its presentation.

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