Monday, September 1, 2008

Cindy McCain Vouches for Sarah Palin's Experience

Cindy McCain explaining Sarah Palin's national security experience is, at best, a dicey proposition. About the only thing more idiotic was George Stephanopoulous posing the damn question in the first place, as if we really needed to her what she had to say. But what the hell, Ms. McCain gets points for geography - "Alaska is the closet part of our continent to Russia."

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Anonymous said...

And.....why should we (the American people) listen to Cindy McCain who rarely says anything but more or less appears as "arm candy" for her "I don't have a clue" husband. Oh.....I get it, she's vying to be the next first lady. Maybe she should have been asks...."How Many Houses Do You Really Own?"

Well....she's no Michelle Obama.


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