Sunday, September 7, 2008

Palin's Forthcoming Interview

The McCain campaign has finally agreed to allow Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin to be interviewed later this week by ABC's Charlie Gibson in Alaska. Let's face it: despite the hype, all Gov. Palin has demonstrated is the remarkable ability to read from a teleprompter a speech written by Matthew Scully. Even allowing for the cute little ad-lib about lipstick being the critical distinction between a pit bull and a hockey mom, voters really haven't heard from Sarah Barracuda in her own words.


Anonymous said...

<...haven't heard from [SP] in her own words>

No, they haven't. But they aren't supposed to. Sarah Palin is not a real canditate - she is a rodeo clown. Her job is to distract the bull (media) when the bullfighter (McCain) is hurt, and allow him to get to safety. And she's doing a great job. No more talk of issues, McCain flip-flops, number of houses owned. Good or bad, it's all Palin, all the time - even from Democrats & that's what the camp McCain needs. They keep this up, they win.

Anonymous said...

Jeeze...that's "candidate" and "McCain camp." Sorry

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