Monday, April 12, 2010

Mickelson's Achievement

Phil Mickelson's impressive victory in the 2010 Masters deserves to appreciated on its merits without resorting to the moronic and intellectually lazy moralizing by some in sports media who seek to frame the performance as the struggle between good and evil: good, Mickelson the solid family man whose victory comes in a year where his wife and mother-in-law are battling cancer; and evil, the philandering Tiger Woods whose pursuit of Jack Nicklaus's majors record was rivaled only the bevy of whores that he bedded. As the Woods scandal so vividly illustrates, the general public does not really know these people and should be wary of conflating athletic achievement with character.

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Divamom-Act II said...

Do people still do that? I would think after all the revelations about people over the years you thought you "knew", that the public would know better by now. People are just people and we're all flawed. We need to bury that other good vs. evil-role model stuff once and for all.

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