Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Apology

The whole thing was a bit surreal. It was a rambling 14-minute scripted monologue running over with mea culpas for cheating on his wife and thus revealing to the world the fraudulent nature of a carefully crafted image of moral rectitude and solid family man. Woods appeared stiff, robotic, and obviously uncomfortable speaking to a pre-selected audience of friends, relatives, and supporters and a worldwide TV audience estimated to be in the millions. In what should be a matter between Woods and his wife, the cynic in me cannot help but think that this orchestrated event was in the main an attempt to refurbish the Tiger Woods brand, which has taken a tremendous battering in the last three months.

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Anonymous said...

Of course, this was an attempt to revive the Tiger Brand! It was also reflective of the control freaks Tiger Woods and his machine tend to be. The line "believe in me" was classic. What he really wanted to say was believe the crap I fed you about my image so I can continue to take my sponsors checks to the bank! I hope Tiger's accountant doesn't rip him off while he's in rehab.

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