Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Portis's Incoherence

Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis says the problems confronting the team aren't Daniel Snyder and management but the media and the fans. Making his weekly appearance on WTEM 980's The John Thompson Show, Portis's trademark incoherence was in full throttle - and about as impressive as the team's offensive output:
"I think it's just gonna come down to not worrying about the media," Portis said. "You know, everybody want input around here. Being in Washington, D.C. and having so much focus on this team, everybody want their way. It's a fan that want Jason Campbell benched, that want Colt Brennan to play right now, and Colt Brennan injured. You know, it's a fan that want me benched and they should have drafted Knowshon Moreno from Denver; look, they didn't, Denver did. It's always, 'Oh, this could work.'...

"Every time you look at headlines, every time you see a story, it's 'The Redskins suck, the Redskins can't do it, the Redskins down again.' We're 2-4, we've still got a lot of football left. Philly was 2-4 last year and went to the NFC Championship game. Philly did that as a team. I'm sure their fans was killing them, the papers was killing them, but somehow, some way, you've got to keep searching and keep trying to find a way until you find it.

"And I think the pressure [is] on Mr. Snyder, and he want to win so bad. And everybody's [saying] 'Oh, get him out of here, he need to sell the team, he's what's [wrong].' It's not him. I think he brings in everybody that he could possibly bring in that he think gonna help this team. I think if you look at the talent on our team, we've got a lot of talent. We've got great players. We've gotta go out and do it. It's no coaches playing for us, it's nobody in the front office playing for us. The scout evaluators, whoever they bring in, I mean, they evaluate talent. We've got talent. It's just the execution. So it's on us."

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