Friday, August 8, 2008

Victoria Osteen's Tantrum

Victoria Osteen, wife of evangelical minister Joel Osteen, apparently does not invoke the question What would Jesus do? [WWJD] as a guidepost in her interpersonal relations.


Anonymous said...

So she thinks she is entitled. Who cares. I've met hundreds of people like that in my life. But for that flight attendant to THINK she deserves 10% of her net worth is ridiculous! I think it shows tacky judgement on the airlines to let this happen too.

Think if this had happened to any Joe Blow off the street. Would this money grubbing flight attendant sue them? Nope. They would probably pay some small fine and be banned from flying their airlines. But Miss Brown knows that the Olsteen's have money so she is sueing for 10%. PULL-LEASE. It really makes it obvious why she is suing. It's nothing to do with depression, its a opportunity to stick it to someone with money.

Anonymous said...

10% is a lot, but some people think there above all else when they have money, and need to be taken down a peg. Money is where it hurts. And 30% may be black, but how much does she inter-act with them?

Anonymous said...

OMG - Get a grip people. This is one of those ridiculous lawsuits that waste taxpayers money. I've been on Continential Airlines (not by choice) dozens of times out of Houston and while I've meet a few fantastic flight attendants who are very customer service oriented, sweet, smiling, happy, etc. I've also meet just as many flight attendants at Continential who have an attitude problem when it comes to customer service. I've even filed complaints on a few of them after landing at my destination with the airlines.

By the way - where was the air marshall?

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