Thursday, November 11, 2010

Novice Dissemblers

Notwithstanding the shellacking congressional Democrats suffered in the midterm elections, the nation's capital has been abuzz over the bizarre benching of Washington Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb during the Detroit Lions game. And the explanations for the move proved even more bizarre. First, head coach Mike Shanahan suggested that McNabb had not mastered the niceties of the two-minute drill and that backup Rex Grossman, who had spent a year in Kyle Shanahan's offense, gave the team "the best chance to win." Of course, the remarkably immobile Grossman entered the game and promptly fumbled the ball. Then in a press conference two days later, the elder Shanahan amended his explanation, noting that McNabb "cardiovascular endurance" was insufficient execute the rigors of the two-minute drill. Apparently that McNabb was under center for every snap before the benching did not matter. Finally, Shanahan the younger clarified that McNabb's ability to execute the two-minute drill was compromised by the assorted injuries resulting from playing behind a porous offensive line. In a city known for its dissemblers, the Shanahans would do well to refine their approach.

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