Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Your Anniversary

On the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the infamous car chase involving O.J. Simpson and his dutiful and faithful sidekick Al Cowlings, their contributions to the enrichment of the language courtesy the Urban Dictionary:

al cowlings Verb. To drive somebody around town; be someone's chauffeur. It's usually a close friend without a car who always bums rides off friends in order to run HIS errands or make HIS appointments. Al Cowlings was a former football teammate and best friend of O.J. Simpson. He drove the white Bronco for O.J. in the infamous police chase in 1994 while Simpson was a suspect for murder. First used in the 1997 film Good Will Hunting by Ben Affleck's character.

"I can't make it tonight. I gotta al cowlings John's ass all the way to Medford for some job interview."

O J Simpson 1. An star top-notch football athlete. 2. A man who was like "man, I'm black, don't be racist" and sticks guns to his head while racing down highways with the police in pursuit all for sporting entertainment.

"O J Simpson likes gloves that don't fit, because the jury must acquit football athlete black racist gloves."

2. O J Simpson
when you use the argument that the condom doesnt fit,so you can get a raw fuck,always leave the condom by the bed.

"Bob took a viagra and told sally the condom didnt fit,a classic o j simpson defence to where he didn't have to wear a condom."

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