Thursday, March 4, 2010

Get Well, Phoebe

I haven't seen any reports in the general media but singer Phoebe Snow suffered a stroke in January and subsequently underwent brain surgery. According to a statement posted on her website, Phoebe's doctors are optimistic about her recovery:
Phoebe Announcement, February 28, 2010:

On Jan. 19 Phoebe had a hemorrhagic stroke. She had emergency brain surgery that saved her life. She is out of ICU and in intermediate care. Recovery from a stroke is a long process, but her outlook is good. Doctors are very hopeful. She just finished recording two new songs and was ready to start touring on March 23rd. That is simply on hold until she's ready. PLEASE GO TO REAL PHOEBE SNOW on Facebook for continued updates. You may send emails to her at: I read them to her constantly. We are grateful for all your prayers.

Thank you--
Sue Cameron
Phoebe's Manager

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