Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nuttin' Out

Okay, a whole day has passed since we learned of Jesse's desire to sever Obama's nuts for having the temerity to speak out about the need for black males to take responsibility for themselves and those that they bring into the world. And I still can't figure out why the Country Preacher felt the need to use castration, from all the metaphors that were available to him, to register his displeasure. Judging from the video clip, he seemed to take unusual delight in the choice of words. Jackson's remarks were punctuated with an emphatic thrust of his right fist, as if to drive the point home. Given his outsized ego, it is entirely plausible as some speculate that Jackson is envious of Obama's success. But one thing is certain: his unfortunate choice of words did him, not Obama, more harm than good.

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